Instances of HotRegions are objects representing a pair of radiatively intense regions of the source photosphere. The class handles HotRegions instances, and applies the methods to compute photon pulses from a pair of spots which may be related under some model.

class xpsi.HotRegions.HotRegions(hotregions)[source]

Bases: ParameterSubspace

Two or more photospheric hot regions, where the hot regions are objects.

The hot regions can be equal or different in parametrisation complexity.

In principle you can construct multiple hot regions, but the computational expense scales ~linearly with number. Applications thus far have used two distinct hot regions with equal and unequal complexities.


hotregions (tuple) – Iterable container of HotRegion.HotRegion instances.

embed(spacetime, photosphere, fast_total_counts, threads, *args)[source]

Embed the hot regions.

integrate(st, energies, threads, hot_atmosphere, elsewhere_atmosphere, atm_ext_else)[source]

Integrate over the photospheric radiation field.

Calls the CellMesh integrator, with or without exploitation of azimuthal invariance of the radiation field.

  • st – Instance of Spacetime.

  • energies – A one-dimensional numpy.ndarray of energies in keV.

  • threads (int) – Number of OpenMP threads for pulse integration.


Print numerical settings.