Instances of Background are objects representing model backgrounds.

class xpsi.Background.Background(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ParameterSubspace

Base class for astronomical photon X-ray background.

abstract __call__(energy_edges, phases)[source]

Evaluate the background and store it as an attribute.

  • energy_edges – The numpy.ndarray of energy edges the photon events span.

  • phases – The numpy.ndarray of phases (in cycles) the pulse was evaluated at.


Notice that the background can be phase-dependent, and that the cached background must be a two-dimensional matrix equal in shape to that of the pulse signal incident on the telescope.

property incident_background

Return the incident background specifc photon flux.

Note that the area units need to be consistent with the units the effective area is expressed in within the response matrix of the instrument object.

property registered_background

Return the registered background count rate signal.

class xpsi.Background.BackgroundError[source]

Bases: xpsiError

Raised if there is an issue with the incident background .