Source code for xpsi.Star

from xpsi.ParameterSubspace import ParameterSubspace

from xpsi.Spacetime import Spacetime
from xpsi.Photosphere import Photosphere

[docs]class Star(ParameterSubspace): """ Instances of :class:`Star` represent model stars. Each model star is abstractly constructed from an ambient spacetime, :class:`Spacetime`, and a collection of photosphere objects which are each embedded in that ambient spacetime for disjoint intervals of coordinate time. :param obj spacetime: An instance of :class:`~.Spacetime.Spacetime`. :param list photospheres: Each element must be an instance of :class:`~.Photosphere`. """ def __init__(self, spacetime, photospheres): if not isinstance(spacetime, Spacetime): raise TypeError('Invalid type for ambient spacetime object.') self._spacetime = spacetime try: assert isinstance(photospheres, list) except AssertionError: try: assert isinstance(photospheres, Photosphere) except AssertionError: raise TypeError('Invalid type for a photosphere object') else: self._photospheres = [photospheres] else: try: for photosphere in photospheres: assert isinstance(photosphere, Photosphere) except AssertionError: raise TypeError('Invalid type for a photosphere object') else: self._photospheres = photospheres # checks passed, so store reference between objects for photosphere in self._photospheres: photosphere.spacetime = self._spacetime # by default turn off fast_mode in HotRegion objects # the likelihood object will activate this if it is needed self.activate_fast_mode(False) super(Star, self).__init__(spacetime, photospheres) @property def spacetime(self): """ Get the ambient spacetime object. """ return self._spacetime @property def photospheres(self): """ Get the list of photosphere objects. """ return self._photospheres @photospheres.setter def photospheres(self, obj): self._photospheres = [obj] def activate_fast_mode(self, activate): try: for photosphere in self._photospheres: = activate except AttributeError: pass # no hot regions to worry about
[docs] def update(self, fast_counts=None, threads=1, force_update=False): """ Update the star. :param tuple fast_counts: Total count numbers from two or more temperature components of a hot region. Each *tuple* element is itself a *tuple* over hot regions, and if a hot region has two temperature components that were integrated over during the fast mode, the total counts per component are elements of another *tuple*. This nested containerisation is handled automatically. :param int threads: Number of ``OpenMP`` threads to spawn for embedding photosphere objects in the ambient spacetime. :param bool force_update: Setting to force update even if both the photosphere and spacetime say they do not need updating. """ if fast_counts is None: fast_counts = tuple([None]*len(self._photospheres)) # Iteratively embed each photosphere (that needs to be updated) # in the ambient spacetime for photosphere, fast_count in zip(self._photospheres, fast_counts): if photosphere.needs_update or self._spacetime.needs_update or force_update: photosphere.embed(fast_count, threads)