Instances of Star are objects representing a model star. A model star is constituted by:

  • an ambient Schwarzschild spacetime solution;
  • a discrete representation (on leaves of a spacetime foliation) of an embedded stellar 2-surface exterior to which the ambient spacetime solution is assumed valid;
  • a discrete representation of the local comoving source radiation field in time and photon phase-space over the stellar 2-surface;
  • a discrete representation of the time-invariant null mapping from the stellar 2-surface to effective infinity;
  • and low-level integrators of the radiation field incident in the neighbourhood of a point at effective infinity to obtain pulses.
class xpsi.Star.Star(spacetime, photospheres)[source]

Bases: xpsi.ParameterSubspace.ParameterSubspace

Instances of Star represent model stars.

Each model star is abstractly constructed from an ambient spacetime, Spacetime, and a collection of photosphere objects which are each embedded in that ambient spacetime for disjoint intervals of coordinate time.

  • spacetime (obj) – An instance of Spacetime.
  • photospheres (list) – Each element must be an instance of Photosphere.

Get the list of photosphere objects.

update(fast_counts=None, threads=1, force_update=False)[source]

Update the star.

  • fast_counts (tuple) – Total count numbers from two or more temperature components of a hot region. Each tuple element is itself a tuple over hot regions, and if a hot region has two temperature components that were integrated over during the fast mode, the total counts per component are elements of another tuple. This nested containerisation is handled automatically.
  • threads (int) – Number of OpenMP threads to spawn for embedding photosphere objects in the ambient spacetime.
  • force_update (bool) – Setting to force update even if both the photosphere and spacetime say they do not need updating.